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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery from the Experts at Sparrow.

A Variety of Procedures Customized for You

Losing weight can be incredibly hard, both physically and emotionally. Many people struggle with their weight for years and years and just can't seem to get ahead. If that sounds familiar, it may be time for you to consider bariatric weight loss surgery. Our surgeons regularly perform several weight loss procedures:

  • Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass

These procedures, combined with lifestyle changes, help Patients achieve better health and an improved quality of life. Learn more at one of our free information sessions!

Wondering whether a bariatric weight loss procedure is the right fit for you? Not sure if you're ready to talk to a doctor yet? Our online assessment is a great place to start. By answering a few questions, you can get personalized feedback about your best options for losing weight. Just click the button below to get started!

At Sparrow, we understand that weight loss is a complicated issue, and it requires a supportive community to make a lasting change. We walk alongside our Patients through the entire process, providing both trusted medical guidance and compassionate emotional support. When it comes down to it, this is far more than a medical procedure - it's a chance for a fresh start, a boost of confidence, a newfound hope of what the rest of your life can look like.

Compassionate Care

Surgical Weight Loss at Sparrow

At Sparrow we offer a nationally recognized bariatric surgical team and the multidisciplinary support of diabetes/endocrinology, exercise physiology, physical therapy, behavioral services, and registered dietitians all in one convenient location.

If you have questions or need more information, give us a call. A member of our bariatric care team would be glad to talk with you and see how we can help you get back to a healthy weight.

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